Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


The only tool you will ever need to...

  • Attract quality vision therapy patients to your practice 
  • Enroll them in vision therapy programs 
  • Hire quality staff and keep them 
  • Run your business as a turnkey operation on a shoestring 
  • Avoid accounts receivable 

Who is this manual meant for?

  • New VTODs who want to jump-start their practices 
  • Successful established VTODs who want to streamline their businesses and attract more patients 
  • Struggling VTODs who can't seem to improve their patient numbers 
  • Any VTODs who are suffering due to the recession 


The Story Behind the Vision Therapy Practice Building Manual

The Vision Therapy Practice Building Manual was produced by Dr. Lori Mowbray, a leader in vision therapy practice growth and practice management for the last fifteen years.

In 2009 she was approached by other VTODs at a conference and found that they were having a very hard time getting patients into vision therapy programs due to the severe recession that started in the fall of 2008. She decided to hold a seminar at her office in Minnesota to teach other VTODs how to attract patients, sign up patients for therapy programs, and run their businesses in an efficient, productive, turnkey manner.

She held two seminars in 2009 and one in 2010. These meetings were a great success, and the doctors and staff members who attended were very pleased with the information that they received.

However, due to the continuation of the recession, many doctors were not able to travel to attend a seminar due to cost issues. She then decided to add to the manual given to seminar participants so that it could be sold separately and give the information to those that were not able to attend the meetings in Minnesota.

Please explore the sections included in the manual that are listed in the left navigation menu. Even if you are not prepared to purchase a manual at this time, you will find many tips and tidbits of information contained in these descriptions that you can immediately use in your practice.

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